Internet Safety Tips for Parents and Guardians

The internet has always provided a way for predators to locate and harm children and because of COVID-19 children are home and spending more time online with an increased time on social media. According to Homeland Security Investigations, since the … Read More

Consent and Respecting Boundaries

H.O.P.E Works’ mission is to end sexual violence, promote healthy relationships and prevent all people from harm. This week our focus will be on how to teach our children about consent and respecting boundaries. Two very important concepts that help … Read More

Summer Success: The Right Mix of Supervision, Structure & Safe Thrill-Seeking

Countless songs, movies, and books pay homage to the adventures and exciting transitions that summer break ushers in for teens and tweens. Unfortunately, risk-taking also heats up in the summer. Studies show that first-time use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana … Read More

Keeping Kids Safe this Summer

Summertime & the livin’ is easy…unless you’re trying to keep your tween or teen engaged, productive & healthy until school starts back up again. There are many good camp options, of varying price ranges, for kids who’ve aged out of … Read More

How to Make a Safe Prom Plan

Prom night. A childhood rite of passage that many of us parents remember fondly. What’s not to like about dressing up, eating something fancy for dinner and dancing the night away with friends? Encourage your adolescent to enjoy this exciting … Read More

How I Talk To My Kids About Marijuana

Mariah Sanderson can talk about substance abuse prevention all day long. After nearly 18 years in the field, first as a treatment counselor and now as director of the Burlington Partnership for a Healthy Community, she has learned a lot … Read More

Hey, parents. Do you know when is a good time to talk with your kids about marijuana?

Now. And tomorrow. And many other days after. Research shows that parents are the #1 reason young people decide not to use drugs and alcohol. So, talk to your kids about marijuana and other drugs early and often. No matter … Read More

Always On? Raising Media Savvy Kids in our Digital Age

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed in the ever-changing, ever-growing worlds of technology and media? Many parents today struggle to keep up and stay ahead of the kids. With gadgets like cell phones that can access the internet, video game consoles … Read More

When is the right time to talk with my kids about alcohol use?

If you haven’t had a conversation with your child about drinking and drug use yet there is no time like right now! Or you can look for what people sometimes refer to as “teachable moments.” A teachable moment is an … Read More

Everybody Loses in a Power Struggle

Does your teen or tween engage in a power struggle with you over even little decisions? If so, you’re not alone. For many parents, even simple conversations can turn into a power struggle. As frustrating as this can be, it’s … Read More

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