E-Cigarette Resources

According to a recent advisory from the US Surgeon General, “E-cigarette use among youth has skyrocketed in the past year at a rate of epidemic proportions. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food … Read More

Mind Positive Parenting

National bestselling author and founder of Mind Positive Parenting, Dr. David Walsh and his daughter Erin Walsh, write a terrific blog for parents and caregivers that answers questions parents have and gives another opportunity to find community in shared struggles … Read More

Okay, teens are sexting. Now what?

“Teen sexting is a very rational act with very irrational consequences.” – danah boyd (blog) According to a recent study of 110,000 students:14.8 percent had sent sexts, 27.4 percent had received them, 12 percent had forwarded a sext without consent, and 8.4 percent had had it … Read More

Over The Dose

A thorough resource about opioids – if you have questions about this addictive substance, you will probably find the answer here: Even though opioids are prescribed by a doctor, using them in any way other than prescribed, even occasionally, … Read More

Parent Further

A Search Institute resource for families, this is a trusted source that has spent decades researching what kids need to succeed. Visit

Parent Up

Underage drinking carries heavy risks for children and parents. Parent Up Vermont helps parents talk to their children about the dangers of underage drinking and other substance use. Visit

Parenting in a Digital World – Resources

The digital world is constantly evolving with new social media platforms, apps, and devices, and kids are often the first to use them. Keeping up the latest technology can be challenging but even the most digitally phobic among us can … Read More

The Partnership at

The Partnership at translates the science of teen drug use and addiction for families. At, you can find a wealth of information, tools, and opportunities to help prevent and get help for drug and alcohol abuse by teens … Read More

VT Parents Guide

Go to this website to see local and national resources for families related to substance abuse prevention and treatment. Visit