When is the right time to talk with my kids about alcohol use?

If you haven’t had a conversation with your child about drinking and drug use yet there is no time like right now! Or you can look for what people sometimes refer to as “teachable moments.” A teachable moment is an … Read More

Everybody Loses in a Power Struggle

Does your teen or tween engage in a power struggle with you over even little decisions? If so, you’re not alone. For many parents, even simple conversations can turn into a power struggle. As frustrating as this can be, it’s … Read More

You are your teen’s #1 influence

Parents have more influence over their teen’s lives than friends, music, TV, and the Internet. The Partnership at drugfree.org brings together scientists, experts and communicators to address teen drug use and addiction. They provide information and tools so that families … Read More

Over The Dose

A thorough resource about opioids – if you have questions about this addictive substance, you will probably find the answer here: http://overthedosevt.com/ Even though opioids are prescribed by a doctor, using them in any way other than prescribed, even occasionally, … Read More

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