Internet Safety Tips for Parents and Guardians

The internet has always provided a way for predators to locate and harm children and because of COVID-19 children are home and spending more time online with an increased time on social media. According to Homeland Security Investigations, since the … Read More

Consent and Respecting Boundaries

H.O.P.E Works’ mission is to end sexual violence, promote healthy relationships and prevent all people from harm. This week our focus will be on how to teach our children about consent and respecting boundaries. Two very important concepts that help … Read More

Okay, teens are sexting. Now what?

“Teen sexting is a very rational act with very irrational consequences.” – danah boyd (blog) According to a recent study of 110,000 students:14.8 percent had sent sexts, 27.4 percent had received them, 12 percent had forwarded a sext without consent, and 8.4 percent had had it … Read More

E-Cigarette Resources

According to a recent advisory from the US Surgeon General, “E-cigarette use among youth has skyrocketed in the past year at a rate of epidemic proportions. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food … Read More

Parenting in a Digital World – Resources

The digital world is constantly evolving with new social media platforms, apps, and devices, and kids are often the first to use them. Keeping up the latest technology can be challenging but even the most digitally phobic among us can … Read More

Summer Success: The Right Mix of Supervision, Structure & Safe Thrill-Seeking

Countless songs, movies, and books pay homage to the adventures and exciting transitions that summer break ushers in for teens and tweens. Unfortunately, risk-taking also heats up in the summer. Studies show that first-time use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana … Read More

Keeping Kids Safe this Summer

Summertime & the livin’ is easy…unless you’re trying to keep your tween or teen engaged, productive & healthy until school starts back up again. There are many good camp options, of varying price ranges, for kids who’ve aged out of … Read More

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