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Consent and Respecting Boundaries

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H.O.P.E Works’ mission is to end sexual violence, promote healthy relationships and prevent all people from harm. This week our focus will be on how to teach our children about consent and respecting boundaries. Two very important concepts that help … Read More

Keeping Kids Safe this Summer

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Summertime & the livin’ is easy…unless you’re trying to keep your tween or teen engaged, productive & healthy until school starts back up again. There are many good camp options, of varying price ranges, for kids who’ve aged out of … Read More

How to Make a Safe Prom Plan

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Prom night. A childhood rite of passage that many of us parents remember fondly. What’s not to like about dressing up, eating something fancy for dinner and dancing the night away with friends? Encourage your adolescent to enjoy this exciting … Read More

You are your teen’s #1 influence

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Parents have more influence over their teen’s lives than friends, music, TV, and the Internet. The Partnership at brings together scientists, experts and communicators to address teen drug use and addiction. They provide information and tools so that families … Read More